Cristina Espinoza. Mobile Image

Cristina Espinoza

Wedding Date: July 3, 2021

Bride: Cristina Espinoza

Groom: Joaquin

Dress: Antiope + Off White + 8

Photographer: Damaris Melissa Photography

Videographer: Baja Norte Weddings



Since the moment I called to make the reservation they were super attentive, friendly and made me feel welcome. Alli and my friend Sam recommended me to try different styles and ended up getting the style I had no idea I wanted until I tried it on. The whole team gasped when they saw me with the dress and told me that was the one... and indeed it was. Thank you Luvbridal! 



Advice to other brides

Forget about pleasing everyone at your wedding, it is your day! It's truly a magical moment between you and your spouse. Be in the moment and let things flow. Dance until you sweat, laugh until your cheeks hurt, hug your loved ones and kiss your spouse! Happy marriage!